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Week In Review, 7 Jan 2012

I'm not at all sure I'm "on track" for the new year. I'm just going with the flow of a wild river, vaguely getting mentally and technologically prepared for our winter exodus to Florida in 3 weeks.

I seem to be most focused on revitalizing my daily writing -- my public writing, not just the scribbled meanderings in my journal. They say that "ritual" often comes before the "doctrine" is firmed up. Also Woody Allen said, "90% of success is showing up." So my method this week is to show up at my studio and get something -- anything -- out to the world. Perform the ritual.

But I'm doing less thoughtful writing than I am fiddling with photography. That's okay. Looking at art/collectibles + learning how to photograph it + writing something meaningful and entertaining about it = approximately where I want to be at the moment. I have to watch out that I'm just not geeking out on the tecnological aspects of the camera and software. My goal is to get photos that express emotion (something... opinion, judgment, feeling) rather than simply documenting something seen. I have a long way to go. As this week's postings on button jewelry and the afghanistan necklace attest, by the time I get the photo the way I want it, I'm out of energy for clever writing.

A thought: maybe I should work on a photo one day... think/read about it, etc.... then do some writing about it the next day.

Corning Museum of Glass

Field trip. Corning Museum of Glass, Corning NY. The glass museum is always a feast for the eyes. It's also a fun place to practice photography. Then I spend too many hours tweaking and experimenting with the results. (See above. And below.)

Corning Museum of Glass: ancient Rome


Hare with the Amber Eyes by Edmund deWaal (Audible)

Jan 7, 2012