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Week in Review

green tara tibetHappy St. Patrick's Day. It was a prematurely warm, pleasant week here but my mind was in icy mountain ranges and snowpocolypse winters.

I eked out a little more on my novel revision, including beginning to flesh out the futuristic environment of Rocktropolis. It was actually great fun to play out "what if..." scenarios.

I feel like I'm making a hobby of British adventurer John Morris, who collected our two tangkas from Tibet. I'm deep into listening to a long saga "Into the Silence" about the first British assaults on Mount Everest. The book is good for walking with: if I feel tired after a couple miles, the energy of the British climbers keeps me slogging on.

Thinking about John Morris also got me looking closely at the second tangka he collected: the Green Tara.

Alleviating all this intellectual heavy lifting were some social time-outs: cocktail conversations with Pat Drum, Sue Walker, Deb Gears and Carla Lorek.

Geek heaven: new iPad.

Growing interest: gamification -- accessing our passions and intrinsic motivation to re-enchant our lives.

Mar 17, 2012