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Week in Review

March came in like a lamb this year, but is exiting like a Siberian tiger, with snow in the forecast.

Tom and Susan at CastlewoodLast weekend was fun in St. Louis, celebrating my mom's 87th birthday. Highlights:

  • Looking at old family photos on her new iPad
  • Friday night dinner at LoRusso's, just a walk across the street, with Mom and Jim
  • Saturday night party at Kathleen's with all my mom's kids and grandkids, plus her Barrett-side nieces Carmen and Barbara (with Tim) and her Price-side in-laws Mary Ellen and Patrick (my dad's two remaining siblings). It was a perfect crowd for lively conversation. It was also my nephew Brendan's birthday.
  • Sunday morning drive out to Castlewood with Jim and Tom. Tom wanted to see the "Zombie Trail," heralded in the psychic press. That turned out to be a beautiful walking trail -- no hint of spooks. So we went over to our childhood haunts at Castlewood, where the real spirits of our childhood linger. Tom and I were even excited (crazy) enough to climb down over the lip of the cliff into the shallow cave that enchanted us as kids. Now it's littered with beer cans.
  • Tom McD. brought me 6 day lily plants -- cultivated from the originals he rescued from Kitty Mom's garden when her house sold. Now they are planted behind our house.
  • Sunday afternoon and evening was a fun hangout at my mom's. Lotta laughs, esp. teaching my 6-year-old grand-niece to play DinoCap (dinosaur-killing) on the iPad.

We got home on Tuesday.

The rest of the week consisted of...

  • Running around town on errands (computer recycling, tax returns, groceries, Home Depot)
  • Fix-it tasks (loose toilet seat and loose faucet fixture in the powder room; gluing broken African sculpture)
  • Back to exercise (gym, walks)
  • Back to writing
  • Downloaded Lightroom 4.0 for photo processing, so a little learning there.

Mar 31, 2012