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Where Have I Been? What Have I Done? What Next?

May 22-Jun. 2, 2012. Being home has been a busy mix of taking care of business (bills, bank issues), re-establishing the old routines (cooking, gym), closing out the Ireland 2012 file (photos and notes), and beginning to plan what next.

sbpIreland, ahhhh. My highlights start here. As usual they are an outpouring of whatever is prominent in my brain. Decided to put all my photos in black and white -- somehow that told the story better. I revised the current Dunne Family Tree, based on new info. I still have some tweaking to do in the history pages to add the new tidbits I obtained. I've added quite a bit to the tree, with new knowledge about my grandmother's cousins.

Family research. I seem to have developed an obsession with family history research. I'm watching episodes of Who Do You Think You Are? and Finding Your Roots -- of course, they make it look so easy and they are so skilled at building suspense up to the dramatic "reveal," and making it seem so emotional. I've gone from the Dunnes, back to the Barretts and Moses Flanagan (how many Moses Flanagans could there be)? Quite a few, actually.) The Irish being a frustrating lot to track down, I skipped over to JZ's family and zeroed in on his Revolutionary War enlistees... the challenge is to make them seem like real people, not just names on a family tree.

Sound. Came back wanting to do more radio. After hearing that SoundCloud was the hot place for posting audio, I posted most of my little radio pieces there. One advantage is that it is very easy to share from there, esp. on Facebook. IDEA: To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Homestead Act, I thought I could tell a radio story about the Barretts' journey from starvation to Catawissa.

Otherwise, my mind is really flapping around. Do I want to get back to my novel revision? Whatever happened to that short story I started and my commitment to the prose-writing group... and that reading I was going to do at that Palmyra bookstore? But I came back from Ireland thinking I'd do some kind of web presentation encouraging others to combine assembling their memoirs with heritage travel and family history research. Is that going anywhere? And, oh gosh, what about that drum and bugle corps video I've been putting off? And did I ever finished cataloging my bead collection???

Am I feeling ambitious or summer-lazy? Guess I'll spend the afternoon putting all the unfinished bits into folders and see what happens.

Jun 2, 2012