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Where Have I Been? What Have I Done? What Next?

Jun. 9-18, 2012. Today: Frustrated. See "storytelling" below.

Creative: storytelling. I've spent a lot of time--but maybe not enough???--oh... WAY too much time torturing over the essay about my great-great-grandfather Patrick Barrett. It's okay but not electrifying enough to go for 10 minutes of my voice droning on. Maybe I need to listen to some good storytellers to unlock their secrets.

I started writing this and just at my darkest moment I got a phone call from an old colleague, Venora, who told me that her last act before retirement was to lead a group discussion on "The Valentine 1955." In two and a half minutes, I wowed 'em. A wonderful conversation about digging into family stories ensued.

So... all I have to do is dig back down to that place...

I was hoping to have something ready for public consumption for July 4... patriotism and all that... we'll see...

Creative: photography. This has become my solace. Snap-snap. Then hours playing and learning, to bring out the best feeling. No expectations. Yesterday we walked at Mendon Ponds Park and I took my camera, with its long telephoto lens. I practiced trying to see delicate layers in the green, green foliage [photo below].

Mendon Ponds Park

Saturday, I made another pass at Public Market photography. That takes more nerve... but seriously, more nerve than paunchy guys wearing bermuda-length cargo pants??? (See below.)

Public Market, Rochester NY

I signed up for a four-day webinar on product photography, scheduled for next week. It will be interesting to see how much I don't know after years of Ebay and collections photos.

Jun 18, 2012