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Where Have I Been? What Have I Done? What Next?

Jun. 18-23, 2012. A learning week.

Engaging and Sharing (Creative and Curatorial Products)

Creative: storytelling. Needed to back off trying to do a radio production of Patrick Barrett's Most Marvelous Opportunity, till I can express the same story in a shorter format and with more "storyteller" electricity. But I did get it posted, as is, with sharing on Facebook and Google+. Of course the only comment I got on G+ was someone reminding me that westward expansion was accomplished at the expense of betraying treaties with the Indians. Okay. A national shame, yes, but not Patrick's shame.

roadside flowersExploration and Capacity-Building

Photo processing: Took several short "webinars" at Nik Software on using their Viveza, Silver Efex, and Color Efex filters in Photoshop and Lightroom.

Software: Got Adobe CS6 Master Suite -- my visual-creative lifeblood annual tran$fu$ion. To fast-track my learning process, I signed up for the courseware at Concentrated on Photoshop and Illustrator this week.

Photography skills. Signed up for the "Tabletop Product Photography" with Don Giannatti at creativeLIVE. Four days of teaching. After doing fairly serious "product" photography for ebay and our collections for years, I'm awestruck by how much I still have to learn.

[photo right: roadside flowers, taken with iPhone, processed, then published to Instagram, Twitter, and Flickr.]

French. Playing around with learning to read French at More useful than playing games.

Infrastructure and workflow

Problem-solving over most efficient and satisfying ways to coordinate photos and photo albums among 2 computers, iPad and iPhone. Dropbox continues to be my savior. And the Goodreader app now also syncs with Dropbox--good for putting product manuals and other large PDFs on my iPad.

Deep Energizing

Good conversation with friends on our deck Tuesday, which also meant that Jim and I spent some time reorienting ourselves to the outdoors and the possibility of having our dinners outside rather than in front of the boob tube.

Trying sporadically to get back into my zazen -- Zen sitting meditation.

Jun 23, 2012