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Reorganizing our living room space


Project! Reorganizing our living room space for a new TV and a second recliner. We decided to put our "home theater" area at the north end of the room, which is supposedly the "dining" space. It is now display space and kind of a dead end.

Our plan is to have the flat-screen TV mounted on the wall (with a full-motion mount) right where a set of shelves are. We'll move Jim's lounger and my new one in front of it. The "knick-knack" shelves will be moved to the south end of the wall. Would that the could be simply slid along the floor to their new space! But no. Everything must come off -- a several-hour project. I guess it'll be a good chance to dust it all.

We'll swing around the sofa to face the new shelves, perpendicular to the window, along with the coffee table. The two antique chairs can then be placed in conversation mode with the sofa. I think this will improve the room, on the whole. We wind up moving things around when we have guests, anyway.

The above photo is a blend to two pictures -- that's why there is weird stuff in the middle.


Jul 15, 2012