Mad In Pursuit Notebook

Inspiration and Insight: Jerry & Maggie

26 Oct 2012 -- I always have to remind myself not to be intimidated by geniuses. Oh, I could never be that good, my monkey mind says, so why even bother. But I need to be inspired to keep learning, to keep striving.

The other night I watched a movie on "Jerry & Maggie: This is not photography." (YouTube trailer above or here.) I was enchanted. I can do that! I have all the tools, all the skills, all the raw materials! So last night I thought I'd toss off a few Jerry Uelsmann knockoffs by playing in my photo archives.

Not so fast. Nothing worked how I intended. I was tired. Blah.

But I did learn (or remember) a lesson, which I should have gotten from the movie anyway. I can't "skate on the surface." If creativity rises up from the depths of a deep lake, the lake being frozen solid doesn't yield anything, no matter how much fun skating is. For me to be "spontaneous," for me to enjoy "serendipity" or "synchronicity," I have to don my wetsuit and full scuba gear and take my big-step off the pier into the dark depths. No skating for me.