Mad In Pursuit Notebook


In The Dark

27 Oct 2012 -- I'm sitting here wondering what to do with some good photos I snapped. I took my camera on our weekend in NYC not so much to document a tourist-y time but because the camera helps me get outside myself. The camera pushes me to see. And then I can play with the results. I can even play right on the spot with my iPad or iPhone. It makes me feel purposeful. But the results may be totally unexpected... I don't know whether I'd call them serendipitous or just random.

I like the element of surprise. But I don't always know where to go with it. Posting on Facebook gets me some feedback from my pals. If I send an iPhone photo to Instagram (with "copies" to Twitter and Flickr), I might get some "likes." Gold leaves floating on an autumn breeze. Smiles from strangers.

I listened to a podcast with fine art photographer Aline Smithson (The Candid Frame, #158). She talked about the value of working on a photo project and thinking about what is merely good composition vs personally meaningful. I have labored now and then to identify a group of "bests," but I get uncomfortable with the process and I'm not sure why.

Anyway, there we were on a sunny day in NYC, enjoying the hospitality of our friends in their Greenwich Village co-op, and I wind up with this very dark photo of Jim sitting in the living room among the parrot stands, backlit. It doesn't reflect a mood or anything. The light was interesting, that's all. And I played with it on my iPad till I was intrigued.

Here's another one:

jim in nyc

I guess I'm using this as an opportunity to scratch my head and ask myself some questions. I have a lot invested in cameras and software. I've also invested lots of time in learning and playing. So there is no question that I'm committed to something about photography -- other than documenting hundreds of things for ebay sales and household inventories.

No answers. But -- I decided to pick a few out now and then to reflect upon in my web pages.

Maybe my "project" is Jim:

jim in nyc