Mad In Pursuit Notebook


Tattoo Parlour

28 Oct 2012 -- We were walking along Avenue of the Americas in Greenwich Village, between restaurant and gelato shop. In one of the storefronts, the above scene was taking place. A tattoo artist was diligently inking an elaborate design on a young man's torso, while the bored (or fed up) girlfriend looked on. The act seemed too intimate, too agonizing to be public. It stopped me in my tracks. Much to my friends' horror, I pulled out my iPhone and snapped one, two, three photos through the window.

When we got back to the apartment, I began "developing" my shots in Snapseed, which can bring out a lot of detail. I noticed the woman had her own elaborate tattoo on her neck. No, wait... that face tattooed on her neck was mine! Her dark skin had captured my reflection in the window. Portrait of a voyeur.

Street lights were also projected onto the young man's torso, giving him a scarified side-of-beef look. Vulnerable. Dehumanized. An artist's canvas.

Here's another one, which I overprocessed with abandon in Photoshop. And then I did it again in black and white.

tattoo artist

tattoo parlour