Mad In Pursuit Notebook

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2008 Roadtrip: a bountiful harvest

2 Nov 2012 -- I'm thinking back to our landmark roadtrip of 2008. It was my 60th birthday present and my first trip to the high plains between Missouri and the continental divide in the Rockies. As we traveled, the American economy crashed and the 2008 election cycle ground to a close. We arrived home the day Obama won and the world seemed like a better place.

I did a lot of documenting of that trip -- scores of photos, blog postings every day, scribbling in my notebook, drawings of Zuzu and Zim. I had linked the blog with Flickr photo albums, which I subsequently removed. The blog posts are "out there somewhere" not really included within my main website. In other words, chaos.

So I'm working on integrating all my material from that wonderful trip into a single set of web pages. It's a treat to remember back and to reflect on where my head was at as we drove through history, past and present.

I got home with a wonderful zap of creative energy and wound up publishing Passion and Peril on the Silk Road within four weeks of our return. How did I do that? I'm always interested in analyzing how to get the creative buds to blossom.

This isn't just about memory-lane digital scrapbooking. It's about continuing to harvest the lessons and the pleasures from that fertile time. It's about enlarging the experience to enrich today and tomorrow.