Mad In Pursuit Notebook

Jim's study BEFORE

Remodeling: Jim's Study Revisited

17 Nov 2012 -- What a difference a week makes. See Jim's study last week vs NOW! The biggest difference is the hardwood floor, newly installed in place of the truly shitty carpeting-on-plywood. And the bright color in place of the flat old "apartment white."

The floor installation set off the smoke alarm a few times, which got us in trouble with ADT (alarm service). Then the installers cut through the smoke alarm wiring and I had to prevent the fire dept from showing up <embarrassment>. However, the fire marshall did show up to take a report and to scold us in his courteous fireman way.

Jim's study bookcases

Last night we got all the books back on the shelves. And what's that? A few cubic inches of unfilled space. Don't worry... that will be remedied soon. Two of those cabinets have glass doors. (Actually there are 4 cabinets, 2 double-deckers.) I managed to get the doors on the upper cabinets off for Windexing (wow!), but the lower cabinets have warped a little over the years (I wonder why), so... screw it.

This morning we hung pictures. The largest area is filled with Jim's collection of Civil War guys -- engravings of their visages framed with an original letter or signature. Kind of a guy thing. Though I do like Abe Lincoln in the center of it.

Below is the new shelving system, installed into the former closet. It's purpose is to house the stacks of antique photographs and prints that we seem to have a surplus of. <Frowning> I'm thinking I should have researched the architecture of this system better. The wire shelves are already sagging under the weight of the heavy mat board and albums and it is not nearly full yet. Hmm... oh well, still, it's a wonderful open playground at the moment where we can sort out the 19th c Western photos from the Hollywood studio portraits from the Winslow Homer engravings from the old Japanese photos.

new shelves

Jim's Study BEFORE

"You mean I have to put them all back now???"