Mad In Pursuit Notebook

route west

Rochester to Springfield OH

5.29.2013. I always give southern Ohio a bad time. I-70 = highway noir = Anywhere, USA. It is our in-between, our transition zone, the anonymous stopover on the road from home in Rochester to home in St. Louis. The weather in Rochester was stormy and inauspicious. But by the time we got to the thruway rest-stop just west of Buffalo, the rain was gone. From then on the air was warm and breezy -- the perfect kind of sunny day for stretching out on a deck chair and dreaming. We stopped more often than usual on this route, I think, taking it easy. We threatened to eat all our homemade cookies we were hoping would last a week or so.

I was, of course, determined to check out all my entertainment and navigation gadgets. I had downloaded so many apps and flipped so many switches that my phone seemed to take on a life of its own -- and not in a good way. Yes, the Verizon hot spot worked and happily drank power from the backseat car socket. Yes, I got all the cords lined up for charging the phone. But in the end, the Garmin GPS and the satellite radio (NPR Now channel) were the easy fallback. Oh, and conversation. And the occasional stretches of silence.

So now we are at Generic Mid-Range Hotel (view from window, above), having had dinner in Generic Chain Restaurant. And I of course am sipping on wine from my Black Box. Ah, the comforts of Exit 54.