Mad In Pursuit Notebook


route west

Stormy, Delightful St Louis

6.1.2013. Every time we visit St Louis lately, it seems there is a weather event that messes with us: the Easter tornadoes, the hottest 4th of July, the mega-snowstorm at the end of March and this trip... more massive storms. Like the Easter storm of 2011, this one had us compliantly retreating to the basement when the sirens went off. Lucky for us, we had just done our pilgrimage to Ted Drewe's (or as Jim would say, Ted Drools) and were stockpiled with frozen custard sundaes and concretes. The satellite TV blinked in and out, but the weather channel on my mom's emergency radio continued to bleat: if you live in a trailer, you will die. Or words to that effect.

Our little basement party included Jim, Mom, Becky and Bri.

Earlier, Ellen and Sarah came by. Great to visit with Sarah on the weekend of her high school graduation. The "babies" -- the youngest of my mom's grandkids -- are all grown.

Gabrielle "Bri" is leading the next generation. Tom picked her up from school -- her last day of first grade -- and she showed us her portfolio of art.

bri's art

She wanted to do a video but that seemed less successful than dressing up for stills. We never did get the scenario quite right, but got some cute shots anyway.

dress up time