Mad In Pursuit Notebook

whitefish lodge

Helena MT to Whitefish MT

6.7.2013. Oh we are such middle-brows, accustomed to nice hotels where you park your car, load up your shit on a cart and procede to your room at your own pace, on your own terms. But weeks ago I had decided that the pinnacle of our drive would be a high-class lodge near Glacier National Park. And so we arrived at this sprawling place and (once we found the GDMF registration entrance) were greeted by a team of helpers wanting my car key, unpacking our car, wai....wai... waitaminute, what, wait.....arrggghhhh.... Jim turned to me in his own #WTF moment and said, "We just lost control."

Of course, once we were in our lovely partial-lakeview-queen-suite, I poured myself a giant glass from my Black Box (while the bellboy (?) ran for ice)... I hope $5 is good enough tip to prevent the valet team from turning nasty on us over the next 3 nights. Like I said, I'm too middle-brow, too unschooled in the ways of the wealthy. (I suspect half the people here are just like us... splurging... or not... who knows.)

Anyway we went to explore... wound up at the Tiki Bar. AHHHHHhhhhhhh..... G'ale for JZ and sauvignon blanc for me. Oh, maybe I could get used to this...

jim at the tiki bar


It was a slow-drive day. Observed bald eagles stopping by roadside to pick up dinner. I set the cruise control to 50 mph -- amazingly all the secondary roads have mph of 70, yikes. This meant finding pullover places to let the pickup trucks and SUVs pass us by... not many sedans on these roads.

Today we actually stopped for a restaurant lunch, instead of snacking from the Blue Box Cafe (aka the cooler in the back seat)... Pop's at Seeley Lake -- one of those actual real places one fantasizes about on the road, with homemade huckleberry pie.

Then we stopped at the Grizzley Claw Trading Post... a very fine place. I wound up falling in love with a colorful Indian blanket. Ironically, it was not local, but from the Zapotec people of Oaxaca, Mexico. Cha-ching -- bought. Along with a couple pair of earrings. Aren't we fine...

Now... kicking back. The restaurant here is OMG expensive, but WTH. Jim had a bison dish. I had a veggie-delish thing and a glass of oakie chardonnay. Feeling no pain. Fire in the gas fireplace providing some atmosphere. Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn if we see Glacier National Park or not. <smiling>