Mad In Pursuit Notebook

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Making a Photo-Collage Memento (making the best of old snapshots)

6.24.2013. A death in the family sends one looking for photographs. When my Uncle Pat died, I dug out an envelope of photos from a 1978 Christmas party at my parents' house. There were several photos of Pat with his banjo, one of them decent, which also featured my dad (bottom thumbnail). There were also not-horrible shots of my uncles Jack, Bill, and Tom. They are all gone now, so it seemed appropriate to cluster them in a single image.

The work was done in Photoshop. Working fast and with much trial and error, the steps boil down to the following:

photoshop layersHere's a screenshot of the final set of layers. Don't think of this as a click-by-click tutorial, but as a guide to a general approach.

There is kind of a heavenly Rat Pack quality to the result, don't you think?