Mad In Pursuit Notebook

funnel spider

Some Thoughts on Spiders

9.1.2013 I don't mind a few spiders outside doors and windows as sentries against insects. But these barn funnel (?) spiders had gotten completely out of control, so I was compelled to go on a rampage last week with the broom. I only spared my little pet here, who keeps me entertained. I fiddled with the photograph (below) to get her enormous web more visible. She has a hole in the brick she retreats to when the door opens and shuts.

barn funnel spider in our back window

When I posted this on Facebook I got an "Ugh!" reaction from one of the cousins. Funny about spiders -- you either respect them or have what I would call the cockroach reaction. Spiders inhabiting their specific little webs don't trouble me... until they get out of control and I'm at risk of feeling like I live in a haunted house.

I learned that spiders were a popular theme in Victorian jewelry. Jim only collected one (pearl w/ copper legs on filigree leaf, see photo below). He definitely preferred moths and butterflies over spiders. No surprise to learn that he liked hunting mates (ie, sex) better than hunting prey (ie, killing).

Spiders do make good villains, however. They are clever and artful but pitiless. They are infinitely patient, waiting for you to snare yourself in their elaborately fabricated web. Here I'm thinking about making Dash's nemesis a spider:

spiders as nemesis

And here is another doodle -- a more queenly spider nemesis:

spider cartoon drawing