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Antidote to quilting exactitude: the rag purse

Time for that little cup of sherbet before the next course of craft-mania.

While I was searching out videos on quilting, I found this fun video from Jamie Malden on making a rag purse with the remnants left over from a textile project. It features textile artist Marilyn Pipe. (Here is the link if you can't see the embedded version below.)

When I started the clean-up process from my quilt-making, I was wondering what to do with all the little scraps and decided to look again at the video. I was still in a crafty mood and it looked pretty easy -- like something I might have made in Girl Scout camp, if I'd ever gone to Girl Scout camp. No sewing required -- just cardboard, string, scissors, strips of fabric (lots of it) and knowledge of how to make a square knot.

It turned out to be a nice project for relaxing in front of the TV. When it was done, I wasn't sure what to do for a strap. Too many hand-crafted bags are ruined with a dorky store-bought strap. So I quickly cut some bias strips and braided a strap.

But before I go prancing around town with my wallet and keys in it, I think I'll investigate a simple closure of some kind and use a needle and thread to reinforce any possible weak spots.


Top photo: resulting rag purse, hand woven from remnant strips

Photoo #2: in process