Mad In Pursuit Notebook


Hand-stitching practice: "Quiet Desperation"

6.20.2014 Yes, I know it looks more like a "Starburst" but (despite my attempts to punch up the color in Lightroom) the actual colors are very muted. Not starry. Not really even summer's day dandelion puff.

Method. Two layers of thin 8"-square cotton, in 6" embroidery hoop. DMC cotton perle 5, variegated blues (4235). The center is a few backstitches in a small circle, then blanket stitches. I started out trying to do the pistel stitch, but it was a bridge too far. Did a few stem stitches but they seems too wiggly. So I focused on my back stitches and French knots. I lack consistency, but that seems to be the style in the freestyle embroidery I see on Pinterest. Maybe I should call it Bad Girl embroidery, since the perfect, consistent stitches you see on antique hankies and tea towels are definite Good Girl stitches.