Mad In Pursuit Notebook

hand-pieced, hand-quilted (sashiko method), with indigo dyed edges and back

Patchwork Scarf: Kitty Mom's Roses -- Finished!

7.29.2014. [cont'd from 7.13.14] My rosy scarf is finished -- 100% hand-stitched! Not sure why that is such an accomplishment... but accomplished I feel. After appliquéing on a few suns, I quilted the patchwork to my indigo-dyed linen-tablecloth backing with big sashiko-style stitches. (I actually bought some Japanese variegated sashiko thread from an Etsy shop -- it felt right.) I folded the backing over to the front for side borders, stitching them with tiny invisible stitches worthy of haute couture, if I do say so myself.

hand-pieced, hand-quilted (sashiko method), with indigo dyed edges and back

I was going to finish the ends with some dyed lace, but it just didn't work. Bits of old lace has become a "shabby chic" cliché. And so much of it looks plopped on. I decided to create a natural fringe from the ends of my linen tablecloth backing. Turned out pretty good.

In truth, the scarf does not drape like a more silky scarf would. It's more like a scarf you'd wear tucked under a jacket. But it still gives me that lovely feeling of being in my grandmother's kitchen on Rowan, circa 1953, looking through the door into the enclosed porch where the mini-me is cutting roses from her catalogs. And the fragrance of love is in the air.