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cloth discharged with SoftScrub

Fun with Soft Scrub (With Bleach!)... Results May Vary

10.10.2014. Did you know... That you can iron down the shiny side of grocery-store freezer paper to make a stencil on cloth? That art stores sell little teensy plastic squeeze bottles with very fine little nozzles? That Soft Scrub With Bleach (cream not gel) makes a great "discharge paste" to bleach designs into cotton?

Micro project #1. Cut circles out of freezer paper. Iron circle (shiny side down) to dry colored cotton. Plop some SoftScrub into the center of the freezer-paper circle and, with a stiff brush, brush it outward onto the fabric. When color starts fading (1-5 min), run the scrap of cloth under cold water. Whoa! Eclipse!

Micro project #2. Take the freezer paper minus the circle you cut out and iron it (shiny side down) to dry colored cotton. Run a line of Soft Scrub around the circumference. Brush it from the paper into the circle till the cloth is saturated. When the color begins to fade (1-5 min), run the scrap of cloth under cold water. A moon!

Making a design with Soft Scrub on dyed cotton

Micro project #3. Fill a little squeeze bottle with Soft Scrub. The diameter of your bottle tip can vary with the size of the design you want to make. Tape your cloth to a (protected) hard surface. Draw a design with your little bottle of bleachy cream. The Soft Scrub may begin to bleed into the fabric so beware and rinse it off pretty quickly. Pretty cool. (My fabric scrap was about 6" wide.)

My results:

Using Soft Scrub to discharge color from cotton




*I took the Craftsy course with Jane Dunnewold but when I got her book Complex Cloth,it seem to take a whole different approach.

Colour on Cloth by Ruth Issett provides a jumble of methods -- inspirational photos but her instructional approach is overwhelming.