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Roadtrip: Amarillo TX to Santa Fe NM (Five Things)

10.19.2014. Arrived at Las Palomas about 3:45 PM after the scenic drive above -- turning 230 miles into 8 hours. So... Wine poured. Computer fired up. Photos downloaded from cameras. Hail storm outside.

1. This is our idea of camping (photo taken as we were leaving the hotel this morning).

leaving the hotel in Amarillo

2. The Texas panhandle northwest of Amarillo is definitely about energy production. We liked the big "spinners" communing with the breezes. And the oil pumps that look like alien birds dabbling for fish. I wish I understood all the processing plants -- they never fail to fascinate. When we left Amarillo, there was a terrible stink in the air. A passerby was heard to say, "In Amarillo, that's the smell of money."

US 385, wind turbines

oil pump, Texas

3. New Mexico skies seemed to contain ALL the types of clouds at once. (Remember grade school science class...) Hey, those look like thunderheads! Oh yes, those thunderheads soon produced curtains of rain, then wild snaps of lightning. So far away from our sunny road. After a lunch of hot tamales in Las Vegas NM, we ran into one of those curtains and found ourselves plowing through an several inches of hailstones. Thunder snow. Yikes.

4. Las Palomas Inn is an oyster bed of vintage adobe dwellings turned into "casitas" (little houses) for guests. We stayed here in 2008 and it was so pleasant, I decided to book it again.

Santa Fe NM

Las Palomas

5. I have been ambien-free this trip. It seems crazy to continually re-learn how to put oneself to sleep after the convenience of a lights-out pharmaceutical. So this is my version of "roughing it." LOL.