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Roadtrip: Downtown Santa Fe NM -- Five Things

10.22.2014. Stayed in Santa Fe today, doing what Santa Feans love best from their tourists -- spending money.

indigo cloth1. Indigo fever. I was so enchanted by my indigo cloth last night (see selfie), that I made up my mind to go back to Circle Antiques and buy more.

2. This morning A Voice told me to cool my jets and not rush first thing back to the indigo-cloth place. So we meandered over to the newish Railyard arts district, found a parking place, and began randomly checking out the stores. At Casa Nova, we mentioned indigo cloth to the proprietor and she showed us the mother lode: stacks of textiles from Mali and other parts of Africa. Jim and I had a great old time talking with Linda and picking out treasures. I wound up restricting myself to 5 pieces of vintage indigo from Mali. I believe that our guide Linda was in fact the source of the indigo cloth at Circle Antiques. Ok, so how did that happen? Did the Voice Spirit really guide me to a better place... or was it dumb luck. Lunch topic.

indigo cloth from Mali

Santa Fe Handwoven Design3. Mission accomplished, we set out for the downtown area and the historic Sena Plaza. After traffic jams, detours, bickering over parking, cleaning out our pockets of quarters for the meter, getting semi-lost on foot, and enjoying a nutritious lunch at Casa Sena, we found what I'd marked as a "must see": the Santa Fe Handwoven Design shop. Tammy Ferrill, the weaver, was there to greet us in her tiny shop (loom set up in the middle). She and Jim helped me pick out a lovely warm chenille infinity shawl. (See selfie.)

4. We wandered along (still 30 min on the parking meter) and were captivated by a courtyard full of Mexican ceramics and carvings. We wound up getting a huge froggie and a couple other things from the San Miguel de Allende area of mountainous central Mexico. We need more decor.


5. During my down time, I've been fooling around with the cloth I brought. I think I'm making a "thunder parrot":