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Roadtrip: Central Santa Fe -- Five Things


1. Between our early breakfast and the general opening of stores/museums, I've been poking away at my Thunder Parrot.

cloth work

2. Our morning destination on this last full day in Santa Fe was downtown: the art museum and a few more shops. It took great courage to abandon our suburban ways and take the shuttle (parking being a loony proposition). It took even more grit on Jim's part to walk the whole way back to the Inn on his achy pegs. The day couldn't have been lovelier (see photo below). (Afternoon we checked out an "arts" location with a parking lot.)

downtown Santa Fe

3. I can't believe how many people take note of my Vibram Five Finger shoes. Lots of people ask if they are comfortable. A few have snidely said, "Well, at least you're ready for Halloween."

4. Woke up about 3:30 AM this morning and wound up listening to "This Week in Google" on Stitcher. As a result of the hosts' enthusiasm I signed up for Google Play Music "All Access." Perils of insomnia.

5. Reading: "The Spirit of Folk Art" by folklorist Henry Glassie. It's giving me some great insights into the "folk art" aspects of Jim's collections and into why we generally love handmade things.