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Roadtrip: Salida, Colorado-- Five Things

Sunday, 10.25.2014.

1. Lovely to have a deep sleep and wake up to sunrise in the mountains.

2. It's a low-travel day, just hanging out at the lodge and in the village of Salida. A photo of the countryside:

3. This wide valley is prosperous (compared to what we saw in New Mexico), due to ranching and a growing sports and arts tourism industry. Salida is a lovely little arts town -- nothing pretentious -- a nice break from Santa Fe. After our big breakfast we weren't hungry enough for a restaurant lunch, so we stopped at the Safeway and bought enough deli to eat lunch and dinner in our room.

4. This afternoon we played a bit with the goats. In the photo below, I was making friends with one, while Jim caught another sniffing my butt.

The watchguard llama:

5. There's a DVD library here, so we're watching "Dances With Wolves."