Mad In Pursuit Notebook


Of Doodads and Pocket Saints

12.30.2014. I was going to make a bunch of these little pocket saints to give for Christmas, based on my model "Christine" (at the left of the photo below). I got as far as making one for Bárbara and one for Heidi. But on the next one my style began to deteriorate.

pocket saints

So I switched to "doodads" -- little 3 x 5 stitching experiments. The one below was my model: words + patchwork + plus layers of wool + plus quilting + blanket stitched edges.


This one I made for Ellen and the colors were really rich and lovely. "Mending the universe" of course applies to the stitching process, but I got the notion from Jewish mystical tradition. Tikkun olam refers to humanity's obligation to help God repair the world.


I made two others: One for Kathleen with a photo-on-cloth of Kitty Mom, with KM's favorite saying, "A word to the wise is sufficient"; and another for Mom -- a photo of Ewald with his arms around her as a little girl, with the words, "What would Ewald do?" I can't believe I didn't take photos of them! Christmas-induced dementia...