Mad In Pursuit Notebook

WIP slow cloth quilt

Work In Progress: "Red Project"

Sun, 2.15.2015. (Cont'd from 1.7.15) I thought long winter days would mean speeding through my "Red Project" on to my "Blue Project" but... not so fast, chica. My goal is to cover the white cotton to within a couple inches of the edge with patchwork/embroidered/appliquéd rectangles. First step, create the hand-stitched rectangle. Second, invisibly baste it to the cotton (i.e., tiny stitch on top, long stitch on bottom). (See image above.) Next, I'll add more stitches where the aesthetics are lacking. Then I'll cut a backing and quilt it all together. I'm hoping the result will be a magical shawl.

I'm going slow because the project is such a hodge-podge of everything and I have no real plan except "red." Sometimes I'm totally random -- see "4-patch" square below right. And sometimes, I think really hard -- see "4-patch" on left, where the symbols represent brain (a sun), heart, guts (the spiral), and hand -- which are supposed to say something about creativity.

hand-stitching, embroidery, appliqué

I generally do my stitching in my easy chair, working on one patch at a time, after lunch for maybe an hour and then after dinner. In the image below, I am set up to baste some rectangles onto my light cotton lining. It's too unwieldy -- better at the kitchen table. But it does let me hang out with my guy and catch some TV while I work.

stitching station in front of the TV