Mad In Pursuit Notebook

micro-quilt detail

Microquilt for my mom

4.2.15. I decided to stitch my mom a little "doodad" for her birthday--a micro-quilt about 4x6 inches. I started with one of her baby photos and printed it on cloth. It's one of a series of portraits her father approved while he was in the hospital for gall bladder surgery in 1926. Sadly, he died there and this photo was the last he saw of his baby girl. So, sentimental...

I gave baby Kathleen a golden ball of light--she has certainly been a golden light to all of us over the years--her mother, her husband, her children, SO many people have found her a source a positive energy (can-do + laughter).

microquilt with photo on fabric

The fabric photo and globe of light were stitched to a scrap of fabric, along with the word panel (below). They were quilted together with two layers of wool and blanket-stitched around the edge.

detail of micro quilt, embroidered letters

I had a hard time figuring out what caption to embroider. I wanted my mom to connect with her most joyful, childlike self when she looked at it (even though she was one of those kids who couldn't manage a smile for the camera). Although the photo marks a sad event--the death of a father--she was also quite blessed, in that so many loving people rushed in to care for her. All those people, all that love made her wise in a more compassionate way than "hard-knock" children get wise.

This was a little project, but it did bring a smile to my mother's face!