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fierce aspect of Buddhist deity

On Being Fierce, Part 2

Jun. 17, 2015. (cont'd. from 6.16.15) I've long valued preparedness over planning. When we were scuba diving, we adhered to the rule: "Plan your dive and dive your plan." But the plan can quickly go to hell. Your tank slips out of the backpack. A gauge malfunctions. The current is too strong and you lose a flipper. If you aren't prepared to deal with the unexpected, it doesn't matter how perfect your plan is.

Nice to have a plan. Nice to have goals. Nice to have a bucket list. I wrote down a goal several years ago: "An adventurous life, gracefully lived." Ambitious but conveniently ambiguous. I focus on preparing: saving money, learning how to do interesting things, and taking inventory of Jim's collections (which is kind of like panning for gold... the scenery is delightful and every once in a while I find some sparkly nuggets that might one day come in handy).

So back to my story. As we drove back from our aborted roadtrip, the question loomed: what did we want? What next?

We had crisscrossed the country in our car, exploring a bit of every state except for California, Nevada, Washington and Oregon. It had been a blast, but now it was starting to feel routine. And, after a lot of thought, we'd ruled out getting an RV and changing up our adventure in that labor-intensive way.

International exploring? The door's not closed on that, but the older we get, the riskier it will be. Airplanes/airports are stressful--the glamor is gone.

Snowbirding? Find the perfect water-front condo in Florida? We enjoyed that February 2012 on Marco Island, but as a habit? Not sure we're that in love with Florida. How about Colorado? New Mexico? Ireland??? Those are nice, but ... we actually really like Rochester.

Rochester. Upstate New York. Every season is full of beauty, no matter how much we bitch about the weather. We love Rochester. We just need a way to get OUT of our cramped townhouse. We need some alternative place to go, some place with a great view.

Our choices were: hills (overlooking NYS's winery rich hills and lakes), Finger Lakes (gorgeous scenery and a wide range of water-sport options), or Lake Ontario (contemplation of the great inland seas).

For our first round of exploration, we were drawn to the majesty and power of Lake Ontario.

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