Mad In Pursuit Notebook

Centennial Cup Race, Lake Ontario 2015

Lake Ontario Regatta!

July 28, 2015. Looked out to discover sailboats, the red one first, then a whole line of them. My research says: "Tuesday, July 28th, the Genesee Yacht Club [Rochester] will host the start of the Centennial Cup Race to Sodus Bay." Wow.

Centennial Cup Race, Lake Ontario 2015

There were 50 or so seriously large racing boats and the wind was just right for them to show their colorful spinnakers.

Our part of Lake Ontario is not as recreation-oriented as Sodus Bay, about 10 miles east of here. We get fishing boats out in the deep waters in the morning and peaceful kayakers by the shore in the late afternoon and evening. Occasionally the annoying pair of jet-skiers whiz by. But the regal sailboats fit best.

Lake Ontario is a sea that can change from placid to treacherous in a matter of minutes. It's no lake for tiny Mini-Fish or even Day Sailers (such as I once owned on Canandaigua Lake). You need a boat with a serious keep, a backup engine, and a crew, to ply these waters. In other words, you need to be rich (or some kind of highly skilled crazy who can live in a boat and sail it to warm waters in autumn).

So, I lift my cup of coffee in salute to these joyous 1%-ers who give me a little added beauty and pageantry this day.