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Red-Headed Merganser on Lake Ontario

What Magic Is January

Jan. 31, 2016. Did I make any art in January? Although I will have a doll to greet February with (more on that later), January was mostly about opening my "maker lab" on the ground floor of our lodge and testing out new ideas. Can I snow/ice-dye? Can I overdye my failed eco-printed cloth with Procion dyes? Can I set up a natural dye cooker downstairs so I don't confuse food-making with color-making? Can I set up a morning meditation space in the lab by shoving the couch against the window and propping my feet on the deep sill? Can I figure out how to do needle-felting? Can I make a wire armature for a doll? Can I actually construct doll clothing from my own imagination instead of merely wrapping and draping or using someone else's pattern?

The answer to all these questions was "yes!" And so I bounced from table to table, experiment to experiment, squeezing in a little stitching on my Red project and way too little writing.

Another question: can I use any of these experiments and newfound skills to whip up a fast product? A brilliant quickie? The answer was a flat "NO."

The meditation that usually goes along with making involves magic. I think about medieval alchemists pondering their experiments. I think about the primal elements: earth, air, water, and fire. Then I think about the spirits that pagans associated with these elements, like musical water sprites and air-borne sylphs. I realize that I am a gnome, one of those squat earth-bound creatures, who have to pack their pick-axes and shovels and hi-ho off to the mines every day to dig deep for my treasure. No magic wand.

So I am the alchemist whose magic comes from... being organized, experimenting, keeping track of what works, and being persistent. The magic is not in my vision but in trusting the process. Keep digging long enough and something sparkly fine will materialize.


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