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needle-felted doll Alice Eli

Winter Dollmaking: Alice Eli

Apr. 28, 2016. [cont'd from Feb. 21, 2016] I had a sense that Alice was a weathered old anchorite -- a cave dwelling religious hermit. But after she got her sturdy leather shoes she seemed like more of an itinerant teacher. Also people around me kept referring to her as "he." Maybe her name was Eli? She decided to be Alice Eli, to be whoever her people needed her to be on a cold winter's day. She is more kindly than she is beautiful.

needle-felted doll Alice Eli

Construction. Needle-felted in core wool on a wire armature, Alice Eli has a base sweater/leggings layer of needle-felted blue wool roving. Over that is a long jumper made from an old linen tablecloth, hand-dyed. Her cloak was hand-sewn from upcycled wool, with the hood from a felted sweater.


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