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Saturday's doll face.

Saturday's Doll, 2: Sandpaper

11 Nov. 2021 [cont'd from 24 Oct]. My winter projects are piling up, but I'm going back to some basic skillbuilding. I don't get "sanding something smooth." I have no faith in it. Don't feel it in my bones. Every time I've touched sandpaper to a surface, I am panicked by the "gouges" it leaves. So I decided to be systematic. I dug out my collection of automotive wet/dry sandpaper (I've been here before, you see) and went to work on "Saturday's" head. Her skull was roughed up from getting rid of her rooted hair and her face had paint and pen stains in addition to her dolly make-up.

Summoning up my patience, I calmly moved from 120 grit (coarse) up seven levels to 1000 grit (fine). Ah, it actually worked. Her pate is smooth and her pretty face is velvety.

I have more silicon carbide paper (up to 3000 grit) and microfinishing polishing paper (up to 14,000 grit). But I'm going to hold off buffing Saturday's head to a high gloss until I figure out her future. I might be giving her a whole new body. Stay tuned.

[To be continued]


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