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An AI-assisted art series

12 December 2023. My 12 July 2023 post discussed the generation of a mystical servitor, a thought-form brought to life through devoted ritual practices. I played with the idea in creating the image of "Fuego." Then I ended the post by superimposing an AI-generated Fuego onto my desk.

The AI-generated servitor Fuego, on my deskThat image sticks with me. I want that companion, that helper.

This, plus my ongoing fascination with dolls and dollmaking, led me to create a short series of AI-generated images depicted a whimsical conversation between me and an opinionated doll.

The base images were largely created with MS Bing Image Creator using this prompt:

In this fantasy scene, a beautiful woman with white hair sits at her computer. On the table next to the computer is rough-hewn 7-inch, wooden, jointed doll in simple woolen clothing. She is dramatically gesticulating to the old woman. 19th century Romantic style.

The images were transferred to Midjourney to use the Insight FaceSwap plug-in. Finally, they were modified and refined in Photoshop


#1 (image at top)







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