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This page covers main entries into the Mad In Pursuit website for this year. For the latest dispatches on living the art life and other adventures, visit the mad in pursuit blog. Comment! Subscribe!


St Louis St Louis St Louis MO to Mansfield OH

Mansfield OH to Rochester NY

12.28.10 Zombies ate my brains


12.31.10 Annual Review

      12.21.10 Rochester NY to Dayton OH Dayton OH to St Louis MO St Louis St Louis
          12.17.10 Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth  
            12.11.10 Cataloging a lifetime
      12.1.10 Sitting in the dentist's office 12.2.10 Searching for my audience (drawing) 12.3.10 Steve Martin time 12.4.10 Goth or ascended master? (photoshop)
    Rochester NY to Orlando FL Orlando FL to Safety Harbor FL Safety Harbor FL

Safety Harbor FL

to Orlando FL

11.26.10 Travelin' Tampa

Orlando FL to Rochester NY

11.8.10 Bridget Dunne Price: a story from my dad

      11.12.10 Revision by walking around  

11.2.10 Exploring symbols around me: Japanese pocket shrine

11.3.10 Photography fun for nerds (photoshop)      
  10.25.10 Taking a creative breath  

10.27.10 The Auntie Song



10.30.10 God is energy: metaphysical America

10.30.10 Perfect travel bag obsession

10.17.10 [Exit revision]   10.19.10 Morning routine 10.20.10 My graphics & cartoons gallery   10.22.10 Testing Posterous for on-the-road blogging  
          10.15.10 What if you get your 15 min of fame but no one tells you 10.16.10 Shifting Gears: from process to product


Meditation on Creative Life-cycle

    10.6.10 Love in the time of clanging dumbells   10.8.10 Mad In Pursuit Energy Cards for sale! 10.9.10 Europe travel planning
9.26.10 Energy Card distribution conundrum      

9.30.10 Lucy's 7-card chakra challenge

Lucy's Chakra Challenge (pdf)

  10.2.10 Tourjours le sourire (drawing)
9.19.10 Of oracles & divination 9.20.10 Mock-up advertising for my latest project   9.22.10 The Girl Effect

9.23.10 Artist Adventure Kit, v.2


9.25.10 Energy Cards 4x6


9.16.10 About your muse


Muse diagram

9.17.10 Vintage Hollywood glamour 9.18.10 Restless: who am I looking for?

9.6.10 Artist Adventure Kit

Artist Adventure Kit

9.7.10 Nova Scotia slideshow 9.8.10 Gandhi and the Other 9/11 9.9.10 Of bedbugs and bald eagles    
8.29.10 Reading 8.30.10 Travel plans -- GO!         9.4.10 This is going to be something (slide show)
        8.26.10 Fortunetelling vs Creativity Aid 8.27.10 Chakra Tarot Card Progress

8.28.10 Week in review: chakras challenged

8.15.10 Nova Scotia 8.16.10 Nova Scotia 8.17.10 Nova Scotia 8.18.10 Nova Scotia 8.19.10 to Bangor ME 8.20.10 to Rutland VT 8.21.10 to Rochester (Nova Scotia Recap)
8.8.10 Rochester to St Johnsbury VT 8.9.10 to Saint John, New Brunswick 8.10.10 to Nova Scotia 8.11.10 Nova Scotia 8.12.10 Nova Scotia 8.13.10 Nova Scotia 8.14.10 Nova Scotia
8.1.10 Literary experiments continue 8.2.10 My husband in the 18th century     8.5.10 Secondary workspace away from distractmondo    

7.25.10 Week in review: Overheated brain

    7.28.10 Words, Birds, Nerds, Turds   7.30.10 WIP: Artistico-Poeticalistic Ingenuities

7.31.10 Week in review: wordy

7.18.10 Sunday thought on ordination of women 7.19.10 Women writers together, sort of     7.22.10 They escaped from my husband's closet [prints, precolumbian, etc]    
  7.12.10 So what is the checkerboard? (drawing)        

7.17.10 Week in review: nose to the grindstone

7.4.10 Read the Declaration of Independence 7.5.10 Rescuing old photos: Islamic China (photo, slideshow)   7.7.10 Dreaming of faraway places (photo) 7.8.10 "Bring Peace": a mindful morning (photo)  

7.10.10 Week in review

6.27.10 Is the Constitution our American Bible 6.28.10 Self portrait (drawing) 6.29.10 Ansel Adams: Meticulous Professional

6.30.10 Half-year in review

7.1.10 Ansel Adams letters (pdf) 7.2.10 Lewis Hine photos (pdf) 7/3/10 100 miles of cataloging
6.20.10 Back to ebay 6.21.10 Sleepyhead marketing   6.23.10 Detoxing and recalibrating   6.25.10 Video resurrection [auudience]

6.26.10 Week in review

6.13.10 "Organization" as procrastination   6.15.10 Pat Drum Aerobics reunion 6.16.10 Enough with the immigrant hatred 6.17.10 Do you Bing, Buzz, Twitter?  

6.19.10 Week in review

6.6.10 Clash of the mental titans

6.7.10 NEW blog featuring GRAND EXITS draft for comment [PDF]

  6.9.10 Beating bullets into wine corks    

6.12.10 Week in review


5.31.10 Software infrastructure

      6.4.10 My new morning routine

6.5.10 Week in review

5.23.10 Doodling means progress? (drawing)   5.25.10 Tar pit formerly known as the Gulf of Mexico 5.26.10 WIP: Illustration (drawing)   5.28.10 Grumbling about a houseful of computers (diagram)

5.29.10 Week in review

5.16.10 Roadtrip: capturing our tracks 5.17.10 Frustrated 5.18.10 Roadtrip summary (photos) 5.19.10 Roadtrip: Lingering reflections (diagram)   5.21.10 Back to writing: going postmodern

5.22.10 Week in review

5.9.10 Amarillo TX to Fort Smith AR 5.10.10 Fort Smith AR to Tupelo MS 5.11.10 Tupelo MS to Franklin KY 5.12.10 Franklin KY to Charleston WV 5.13.10 Charleston WV to Rochester NY    
5.2.10 Farmington NM to Chinle AZ 5.3.10 Chinle AZ: Canyon de Chelly rocks! 5.4.10 Chinle AZ to Grand Canyon AZ 5.5.10 Grand Canyon: mesmerizing! 5.6.10 Grand Canyon: jeep tour day 5.7.10 Grand Canyon AZ to Gallup NM 5.8.10 Gallup NM to Amarillo TX
4.25.10 News! "Kathleen's Machine" purchased! 4.26.10 St Louis MO to Council Grove KS 4.27.10 Council Grove KS to Las Animas CO 4.28.10 Las Animas CO to Colorado Springs CO 4.29.10 Colorado Springs CO to Taos NM 4.30.10 Taos NM 5.1.10 Taos NM to Farmington NM
        4.22.10 Rochester NY to Springfield OH   4.24.10 Springfield OH to St Louis MO
  4.12.10 Pre-Roadtrip fussing 4.13.10 Circling in on Plan B 4.14.10 International Walter T Price Day: Apr 19   4.16.10 My box of maps (photo)

4.17.10 Week in review


4.5.10 Carman & Fordham Families (Jim' family history). Blog intro.

      4.9.10 [Cartridge Collection PDF]

4.10.10 Week in review

3.28.10 Revelation (drawing + photo) 3.29.10 Antique photo albums: this week's objectives (photo)   3.31.10 Feeling like Tom Sawyer with his bucket of whitewash (photo)    

4.3.10 Week in review

3.21.10 Cries & whispers: gun babel (drawing)       3.25.10 Mindless pause (photo)  

3.27.10 Week in review: rambling thru time

    3.16.10 Bridget O'Flynn, where have you been?   3.18.10 Let's get healthcare done!  

3.20.10 Week in review

      3.10.10 Practicing: Brain to computer (photo + drawing)    

3.13.10 Week in review: howling

2.28.10 Sunday multi-culturalism (photo)     3.3.10 Zuzu shows Hotei the moon (photo + drawing)   3.5.10 Who's got your back (photo collage/drawing)

3.6.10 Week in review: seeing the light

2.21.10 My Bible kick continues: Sue-pocalypse II 2.22.10 And when I say "never," pay no attention (photo)   2.24.10 Follow the bouncing ball 2.25.10 Playing with my camera (photos)

2.26.10 Snow! (photo)

2.26.10 Conversation (photo + drawing)

2.27.10 Week in review: foto fun

2.14.10 Ghosts in the photographs     2.17.10 If I'm reading the Bible, is this the Sue-polcalypse    

2.20.10 Week in review: focused but dull

  2.8.10 Talking to myself again [writing, drawing] 2.9.10 Confession: I love snow   2.11.10 Tabletop video for product sales descriptions (video)  

2.13.10 Week in review: cocooned

  2.1.10 Can you be both "hunkered down" & "on a roll"? 2.2.10 Ambient on Pandora: Can I work to music?

2.3.10 The Bead Collector

2.4.10 Nellie's Exit: abortion in 1913


2.6.10 Week in review: cocooned

1.24.10 Childhood of my discontent

  1.26.10 There once was a dame with a project  

1.28.10 Ebay blues: redoubling my effort

1.28.10 Ebay blues: I'm outta there!


1.30.10 Week in review: writing! sales! roar of the greasepaint!

1.17.10 Passwords: how protected are you?     1.20.10 Susan in 1952 (photo)   1.22.10 Thinking about nuns

1.23.10 Week in review: meandering memory lane

1.10.10 That clanking noise is my brain shifting gears 1.11.10 Waiting for the flow (again) (index card art) 1.12.10 Tuesday Morning at the Idea Factory (photo)     1.15.10 Personal Mythology vs Memoir (wip)

1.16.10 Week in review: the old lion circles her prey

1.3.10 Danger! Danger! Susan getting organized! 1.4.10 This week: Ebay (& Das Licht)  

1.6.10 Snowy winter's morn

1.7.10 Mapping my job

My Job (pdf)

1.8.10 Should polygamy be legal?

1.9.10 Week in review: productive cocooning

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1.1.10 Resolutions

1.1.10 Spicer Genealogy