12.16.17 Dollmaking: "Tempest" Do-Over

12.14.17 Dollmaking: "Bacchus"

12.13.17 Dollmaking: "Night"

10.27.17 Monastery of Artful Delights

10.9.17 Samuel Newham, Senior: a Heartbreaking Turn of Events

9.10.17 Mind Power: Evoking a New Friend

8.16.17 Conversation with My Characters

8.13.17 Charms: Looking for Enchantment

Taking another look: SoundArt

6.9.17 Private Price: the Long, Long Road (video)

4.30.17 Immigrant Gifts

4.23.17 Moses "Maroney" Flanagan: Irish Gangster in St. Louis

4.22.17 Nellie Flanagan: Teen Hero

4.13.17 Other vs. Stranger

2.26.17 Work in Progress: Memoir Project

2.19.17 Self Portrait?

2.2.17 Work in Progress: Memoir Project

2.1.17 Recommended: Writing Buddies

1.31.17 Stitching: Doodling on Wool

1.8.17 Dollmaking: Tackling Polymer Clay

1.2.17 Why I keep rushing out to photograph stars

1.1.17 New Year's Day Thought

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