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01 Jan. Love Potion Design

02 Jan. One word for 2019: Wholehearted

03 Jan. Making a cloth book

03 Jan. Dangling woman

05 Jan. Headlong: $.99 this week

06 Jan. 12th Night: Enjoy!

06 Jan. Birds of a feather (WIP)

08 Jan. Dragon feathers

10 Jan. When your groove is gone (S-curves of life)

11 Jan. Icy thrill

12 Jan. My fabric design saga

13 Jan. Old dogs, new tricks

13 Jan. Lake view

15 Jan. Motifs, oy

16 Jan. Preamble to a storm?

18 Jan. Color palettes and paper dolls

18 Jan. Sudden Silence: on sale

20 Jan. Socked in.

20 Jan. Yes, Rockabilly: "Ozark diner"

21 Jan. Arctic blast continues

24 Jan. Good old "Lucy"

25 Jan. Mini-thaw is over

26 Jan. "Garden party at sunset"

26 Jan. Strange forms on the edge

27 Jan. How to dye with snow, part 1

28 Jan. How to dye with snow, part 2

30 Jan. Cold but not polar

31 Jan. Motion over still

31 Jan. Motif design (work in progress)

02 Feb. Lake Ontario nightglow

02 Feb. Reckoning: a humble start

03 Feb. Family history makeover

05 Feb. "Desert wanderer"

07 Feb. "Be the change"

07 Feb. Happy birthday, WJ Price (Jan 31)

07 Feb. Passage: Bridget Dunne [update]

09 Feb. Passage: WJ Price family [update]

09 Feb. The wind giveth and the wind taketh away

12 Feb. Passage: Maggie Keville [update]

12 Feb. Dogs: not just for Instagram

15 Feb. Designing for energy

16 Feb. Passion & Peril: on sale

16 Feb. "Be the wind"

17 Feb. Curly at St. Edward's, part 1

17 Feb. Curly at St. Edward's, part 2

18 Feb. Flanagan family 1882-1902

19 Feb. Flanagan family 1903-1926

19 Feb. Winter moon over Ontario

20 Feb. Wisdom from my foremothers

22 Feb. Ewald Curran: a friend indeed

24 Feb. Sketchbooks, art journals

25 Feb. Gusty day on the edge

26 Feb. Enigma 137: circle-dot bones

27 Feb. Enigma 243: bone and shell bib necklace

01 Mar. Afghanistan: coins on a shoestring

03 Mar. Advice from Katharine Hepburn (or is it from Lee Israel?)

05 Mar. Arctic Ontario, before the storm

06 Mar. Arctic Ontario, after the storm

07 Mar. Pillowcase revival

09 Mar. Stars over Ontario

09 Mar. Earth cloth: St. John's Wort

11 Mar. Wool: knit to felt

12 Mar. Nevada gold mining 1905

18 Mar. Sister moon

18 Mar. Sun!

18 Mar. Patrick Martin: a clue?

19 Mar. Frances Willard: a chance encounter

20 Mar. As good as it gets

26 Mar. Thinking small: beads

29 Mar. "Gotta Go" fabric design (work in progress)

31 Mar. The Maltese Buddha

01 Apr. April 1

01 Apr. Punditry break

02 Apr. Shirt sleeve mending

03 Apr. Bullet journal, not pretty

08 Apr April anxious

08 Apr. The Yanks visit Ireland 1977

11 Apr. "Gotta Go" fashion fabric collection

17 Apr. Rosetsu: Boy on elephant

19 Apr. Flowers

21 Apr. Easter: annual do-over

22 Apr. The other bees

27 Apr. Time bending (photo composite)

01 May. Dunne connections: path to madness

3 May. Doodling my way to...

4 May. Mergansers on Lake Ontario

8 May. Thoughts on knives

9 May. Semi-organized

12 May. #1850 Japanese album

13 May. Japan #1847: drawing, calligraphy, oh my

18 May. The tau tau and storytelling

22 May. The Tau Tau: curiosity, sacrilege, and cultural exchange (on MEDIUM)

24 May. Courage to live on the edge

24 May. Killer Mountain: this is how people die (on MEDIUM)

25 May. Memorial Day: remembering WW2 with my mom

10 Jun. Ancient Peru: who are you, stranger?

14 Jun. Curiosity

17 Jun. Art detective: adventure of the spirit (on MEDIUM)

21 Jun. The Barong of Bali: lionhearted energy (on MEDIUM)

21 Jun. Garden gone wild

02 Jul. The Library

10 Jul. The Rochester patriarchy 1914

11 Jul. Of ants, aphids, and dock

12 Jul. St. John's wort

13 Jul. Summer hyperactivity disorder

15 Jul. Focus: dive into dyeing

16 Jul. Dye painting. Meh.

27 Jul. Coneflowers and friends

28 Jul. Dunne descendant fan charts

01 Aug. Permission to play: stamp-making

04 Aug. Indigo daze

07 Aug. Decolourant: more play

13 Aug. More indigo: t-shirts

15 Aug. Indigo batik, round 3

25 Aug. Zula: old adventures reborn

20 Sept. Old photos, lively history

13 Sept. 1952-ish: Hessions in Ballaghduff

21 Sept. Getaway at Salthill, Galway

24 Sept. Ellen "Auntie" Dunne Price

30 Sept. 1969 visit to Ireland

21 Oct. John Dunne (1891-1972)

04 Nov. Now what?

05 Nov. Self-reflection: Tarot

07 Nov. My "God" problem

08 Nov. God hypothesis

10 Nov. Five years of plant-based eating

11 Nov. Plant-strong resources

12 Nov. Dabbing paint on fabric

17 Nov. Project sprawl: a glorious mess

08 Dec. Quilt: layers of time and space

15 Dec. Big old dolls: creepy or divine?

20 Dec. The Bride Doll

28 Dec. Sewing therapy


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