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02 Jan. 2021: Opening Thoughts

9 Jan. Ballaghduff Breakdown, 1903 (Dunne Family)

24 Jan. Mayo, God Help Us (Keville Family)

8 Feb. American Support for Ireland (Barrett Family)

14 Feb. KITTY'S PEOPLE Supplemental material

15 Feb Martin Barrett, Unsung Hero (Barrett family)

23 Feb John P. Curran, Entertainer (Curran family)

7 Mar Treasure or Bric-a-Brac (Chinese fish dish)

13 Mar. Mermaid on a Powder Horn (Americana)

15 Mar Kitty Mom Sings "Danny Boy" (Flanagan/Barrett/Curran family)

18 Mar. Patrick Joseph Dunne, Third Son

20 Mar. Martin Family of Rushestown

22 Mar. Margaret Dunne Hession

27 Mar. Catherine Dunne Collins, the Early Years

19 Sept. Review and Refresh: Writing Again

3 Oct. The Santo Doll: Saint for All Seasons

5 Oct. October Doll: Makeover, Part 1 

6 Oct. October Doll: Makeover, Part 2

6 Oct. Chasing the Ghosts in My Family Tree (Medium|Crow's Feet

8 Oct. October Doll: Makeover, Part 3

12 Oct. Creepy Dolls: Demonic or Divine (Medium|Found in my Journal

13 Oct. The Santo Doll: Crowned

14 Oct.  Maddie & Stella: Haunted Dolls (Medium|Snapshots)

24 Oct. Saturday's Doll, 1 

25 Oct. Mystery--The Hunt for Viola (Medium|Boomerangs

6 Nov. Passport to Immortality (cross published in Medium|Crows Feet)

Nov. 11 Saturday's Doll, 2: Sandpaper 

15 Nov. Lost & Found Project: Snow Girl 

31 Dec. 18th Annual Art-Life Review, 2021