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02 Jan. 2021: Opening Thoughts

9 Jan. Ballaghduff Breakdown, 1903 (Dunne Family)

24 Jan. Mayo, God Help Us (Keville Family)

8 Feb. American Support for Ireland (Barrett Family)

14 Feb. KITTY'S PEOPLE Supplemental material

15 Feb Martin Barrett, Unsung Hero (Barrett family)

23 Feb John P. Curran, Entertainer (Curran family)

7 Mar Treasure or Bric-a-Brac (Chinese fish dish)

13 Mar. Mermaid on a Powder Horn (Americana)

15 Mar Kitty Mom Sings "Danny Boy" (Flanagan/Barrett/Curran family)

18 Mar. Patrick Joseph Dunne, Third Son

20 Mar. Martin Family of Rushestown

19 Sept. Review and Refresh: Writing Again

3 Oct. The Santo Doll: Saint for All Seasons

5 Oct. October Doll: Makeover, Part 1 

6 Oct. October Doll: Makeover, Part 2

8 Oct. October Doll: Makeover, Part 3

13 Oct. The Santo Doll: Crowned