Zuzu's Notebook



Frustrated wannabe cartoonist looks for a fresh start. I'd begin at the beginning but that would mean a delightful procrastinatory journey to find said beginning. So... start anywhere. A random page in my 2006 notebook, where -- guess what -- I was longing to become a cartoonist.

I started out with a wonderful palette of lush colors. But black and white really looked better. And graph paper is so me. Besides, I always get back to thinking that it is the grid of graph paper that holds together the universe.

Having already gone the hand-drawn route with "Dot and Dash" (First Series), I decided to stick strictly to Adobe Illustrator. Most how-to books and videos show show cartoons being lovingly hand-drawn, then laboriously traced in Illustrator. I wanted no part of that hell. I would adapt my style and methods to draw directly into my computer. I'm no Illustrator master, so I got ready to learn... a good thing, because if I'm not learning while I work, boredom and distraction set in.

FONT. I did make an excursion into design-font-from-handwriting land at YourFonts.com. Not bad.