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Tuesday, 12.30.04: Priceless Throwaways [postcards]

Friday, 1.7.05: Priceless Throwaways, cont'd ... 1.8.05 ... 1.15.05

Monday, 1.17.05: Japanese postcard [postcards]

Wednesday, 1.19.05: Ephemera ... 1.22.05

Tuesday, 1.24.05: Lobsterman's Hut

Wednesday, 1.26.05: Trading

Thursday, 1.27.05: Being a Merchant

Friday, 1.28.05: The Cosmopolitan

Sunday, 1.30.05: Kaiser Krazed [postcards]

Monday, 1.31.05: The Competitor

Tuesday, 2.1.05: Tom's Store

Wednesday, 2.2.05: Researching the Guerre [postcards]

Friday, 2.4.05: Lafayette Park

Sunday, 2.6.05: WACO Wacky

Monday, 2.7.05: Bottomless Shelves

Thursday, 2.10.05: 3-D Comics ... 2.12.05

Sunday, 2.13.05: Going Postal

Tuesday, 2.15.05: Mayo Apparition

Thursday, 2.17.05: The Un-Cosmopolitan ... 2.19.05

Wednesday, 4.20.05: Postcards from 1935 [postcards]


For most people "ebay" means "how to get rich selling crap." But for me it turned into a journey of discovery about the spirit in things.


Why write all this stuff down?

"To remember is to triumph over loss and death; to forget is to form a partnership with oblivion." Charles Baxter, The Business of Memory


For a tutorial on making pretty ebay listings, I wrote out my own process here.

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