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Transfer Image to Cell Phone via Bluetooth

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Goal of this tutorial

To tranfer an image to your Bluetooth-enabled phone from your Bluetooth-enabled** computer.

Get images into your phone, other than your mediocre cell phone photos. This tutorial uses a Motorola KRZR K1 Phone (Cingular) with a Windows XP PC. If you have a different phone, this may serve as a general guide only.

**If your desktop didn't come with integrated Bluetooth, get an adapter. My Belkin Bluetooth USB Adapter works great.

In theory you can email an image to your phone, but (for me) this turns into a trial-and-error hassle and could result in extra charges.

Chosen ImageStep 1. Prepare your image.

In Photoshop or other image editing software, reduce your image to fit your cell phone screen (with a resolution of 72 ppi). The images that came with my cell phone are 176 x 220 px, so that's the size I used. (You can pick out one of your cell phone graphics and check the file dimensions and size. In my phone*, you select a graphic, then press Options > Properties > File Details).

Save your file in .JPG or .GIF format. Animated .GIFs will also work, if you want a screensaver.

Step 2. Establish a Bluetooth connection

If you've never established a link between your phone and your computer, you need to pair up the two devices first.

Computer: Open My Bluetooth Places. (You must have Bluetooth capability on your computer.) Check that you remember your computer name. (Mine is "Ewald.")

Phone*: (1) Make sure that your Bluetooth headset is off.

PC Bluetooth Places(2) Power up your Bluetooth connection: Press Options > Use Bluetooth > Setup > Power: ON*

(3) Signal Bluetooth readiness to pair up: Options > Use Bluetooth > Find Me.* The phone will send out a signal for a few minutes so that your computer can find it.

Computer: In My Bluetooth Places, pick from the menu Search for Devices in Range. "Motorala Cell Phone" [your phone] icon should appear. Right-click on the icon and choose Pair.

Answer questions as they appear on the phone.* It asks if you really want to pair up with [your computer name]. If it asks for a Passkey, enter 0000.

This should establish the pairing between your phone and computer.

Step 3. Send/receive photo

Computer: (1) From your Windows Explore file manager, select the file you want to transfer. Mine is the drawing above, "LucyLando.jpg."

(2) Right-click to get context menu. Choose Send To... > Bluetooth > Motorola Phone [your phone]. The first time around, if your phone doesn't show, choose Other... and select phone from the choices there.

Image On PhonePhone: A message will appear that [Your Computer] is trying to send something. Press GRANT.

The file name will come up. Press ACCEPT.

When image appears, if you like what you see, press STORE. If you want, APPLY AS WALLPAPER.


*Motorola KRZR K1 Phone (Cingular). Your device may differ. If you get stuck, check your User's Manual and/or the installation guide for your wireless Bluetooth headset.


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