mad in pursuit

Home Movie, Easter 1957

It's hell to be eight and share limelight with your little brother. Maybe there is a parallel hell for little boys with precious older sisters.

My grandfather had a movie camera but no imagination. He shot endless footage of us marching toward him. We were instructed to behave and most of his films are... dull.

But occasionally, the personalities — the mutual torment between brother and sister — seep through.

I am showing off the dress and coat my mother made me. Tom wants to entertain — his energy possesses him like a little devil. No, the film wasn't speeded up in any way.

About two-thirds of the way through, Tom begins to mock me. I am oblivious. Or maybe I'm used to the Tomfoolery and refuse to be ruffled on camera.

Tech note: I was going to revise the original, which had some distracting overexposed parts. I discovered that the files from that version were compressed with some obsolete software, so I started from scratch. My brother's antics are NOT speeded up!

6.2.02 (new movie version 8.28.06)

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