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A Moment With My Mom

Some days lead you down funny paths. (If you don't see the controls for the video below, run your cursor over it — they are in lower left corner.)

Yesterday. Looking at the silly old Easter movie while checking broken links... Could use some revision. Discovered that the original files were compressed in a format I no longer have. Grrr...

Found the miniDV tape... recaptured the video and saw the above clip from Bobby B's First Communion. Ha-ha. My mom was pregnant with Ellen.

Technical. It became an exercise in speedy workflow, jumping from program to program. Capture from tape in Adobe Premiere. Edit, add title in Adobe After Effects. Add sound in Acid Pro. Video plus sound edit in Adobe Premiere. Export to Quicktime movie. Convert to Flash Movie. Edit in Flash to create movie controls. For some reason that bombed. Direct to Dreamweaver (my web page program): Import. Upload. Cool.


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