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Susan Barrett Price loves stories. During her long working life, she has specialized in surrounding herself with mountains of information, then pulling out just the right story for the occasion. She straddles the line between nerdy intellectual and bold risk-taker. Her two big novels reflect years of research and experience in exploring the dilemmas of the trade in antiquities and cultural property. Her novella is more introspective, looking at the lives of women and what it takes to be a great dame.


The Sudden Silence

The Sudden SilenceAll roads lead to Thailand—where the lovers of ancient treasure tangle with international black markets. In this complex landscape of protectors and predators, we meet Martin Moon and Delia Rivera. Both have been defeated by the dark powers of the art-trade netherworld. Together, they seek to rise again—to escape the sudden silence of lives extinguished and loves lost. But the savage forces that nearly destroyed them before are still at large. Their quest turns deadly. Is there any such thing as a fresh start in this wicked world? Or is there only the wisdom of failure? COMING SOON.

Tribe of the Breakaway Beads

Tribe of the Breakaway BeadsTribe of the Breakaway Beads is a memoir, presented as an illustrated novella. As Mary pulls together the tales of her many dramatic exits and fresh starts, she discovers that her grandmothers and great-grandmothers faced similar choices: when the going gets tough, do they knuckle down or do they pack their bags and say, "I'm outta here!"? An ideal gift for mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends -- anyone who appreciates how strong, smart women turn discontent into action. (2011) In paperback and Kindle format. Learn more...

Passion & Peril on the Silk Road

Passion and Peril on the Silk RoadNellie MacKenzie and Taylor Jackson find themselves at opposite ends of a road that stretches between tribal Pakistan and backwater China. In over their heads. Once married, always friends, the couple are now at odds. Jackson's obstinacy lands him in China with an art thief. Nellie's heroics land her in Pakistan with crazy people. Will they ever reunite?

The story twists and turns around the twin forces of revenge and redemption. Nellie, Jackson, and their fellow travelers grapple with issues of ethics, trust, rage, and bitter heartbreak -- as well as the intrigue of the international antiquities trade.

Like all great tales of psychological darkness, "Passion and Peril on the Silk Road" plunges into unknown landscapes without a map. Out of control. No one knows where the madness will lead. (2008). In paperback and ebook formats. Learn more...