Thailand Diary

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mad in pursuit Where do we go with a pile of frequent flyer miles? As far as we can get.

There's no accounting for what goes into a trip diary -- lots of extraneous detail sometimes, letting the really amusing and insightful stuff slip right by.

"Something happened to us every day to prove we weren't in Disney World."
5.4.90 Starting out: flights to Seattle
5.5.90 Flight over Pacific
5.6.90 Tokyo to Bangkok; arrival
5.7.90 First tour of Bangkok
5.8.90 Bangkok Buddhas; night train to Chiang Mai
5.9.90 Chiang Mai, Wat Phra That
5.10.90 Elephant camp, to Chiang Rai
5.11.90 Chiang Rai
5.12.90 Recap of Akha village, on to Lahu village.
5.13.90 To Lisu village
5.14.90 2nd Lisu village -- CONFRONTATION
5.15.90 Hike out, back to Chiang Rai
5.16.90 Golden Triangle
5.17.90 Chiang Mai antique store
5.18.90 Chiang Mai notes
5.19.90 On the barge heading south
5.20.90 Next day on barge
5.21.90 Back in Bangkok, shopping
5.22.90 Bangkok: Chinatown & news notes
5.23.90 Bangkok: museum and River City
5.24.90 Side trip to Lopburi; 5.25.90 last day in Bangkok
5.26.90 Seattle

Guide: Chan
Cooks: Lat & Yot

Hugo: New Jersey, grew up in Denmark, hard of hearing

Maria: Toronto; cardiologist, born in British Guyana(?); tiny, black hair looks Greek or Indian
Murray: Toronto, appliance store salesman
Ray: Murray's partner
Sue: Kingston, Ontario

Anna and Jerry: a Viennese couple, living in Perth for 20 yrs; he's a construction specialist

New Zealand
Joanne: "kiwi"; young

Jackie: orig. from England; sturdy blonde, coming back from year in Australia; speed-walker; intensely curious; lilting voice; degree in agricultural technology
Fiona: MD anesthesiologist; Manchester; looking for interesting place to go without a guy
Heather: parole officer; tall, athletic, tan, 40ish
Richard: working in environmental studies, climatology
Simon: barrister
Monique: Jersey; corporate finance
Stella: Italian bank in London; tall, glasses; initially plain, prettier as the trip progressed -- great legs

Corinne and Ignace