mad in pursuit:
ecuador (dec 5 - 21, 1998)

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We went to Ecuador because it was the farthest we could get. I had a chunk of British Air miles, accumulated over several years, not from traveling but from charging a lot on a high-interest credit card.

It seemed as good a place as any in my vacation-starved mind. You'd think that the first South American country a person would go to would be one of the classics: Peru, Brazil, Argentina -- but what the hell. Away is away.

I went and bought a guidebook and the place seemed pretty interesting. What was even better was that a lot of arrangements could be made over the Internet. Contrary to our Indonesia trip (where it didn't dawn on me to make any arrangements till two weeks before departure), our plans were locked down by October 1.

Turned out to be a really cool place.

Note 5.31.04: This journal was the beginning of the journaling I've been doing ever since. It also signals the beginning of a slow transformation from feeling owned by a corporation to a more colorful and balanced life.

xx dec 5-6 arriving in quito

dec 7 under the volcano

dec 8 going to church

dec 9 discovering the art

dec 10 cotapaxi volcano

dec 11 lusting for the art

dec 12 journey to the jungle

dec 13 rain

dec 14 parrots & creepy things

dec 15 piranha & butterflies

dec 16 out of the jungle

dec 17 hacienda cusin

dec 18 communities of art

dec 19 more exploring

dec 20 back to quito

dec 21 flight home



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