Polar Bear Project

Cosmopolitan Productions

Polar Bear Project - ESL Animal Scramble
In this mini-documentary, we look at the making of "Sophie" -- a polar bear in Rochester's ESL Animal Scramble. Get a lyrical look at the collaboration among artist Sheila Peters, kids rounded up by the Mental Health Association, and corporate sponsor Business Methods. The polar bear will be seen in Marketplace Mall, Victor NY, starting in May 2003.

Visuals. Digital video, souped up in Adobe After Effects and edited in Adobe Premiere. Photos edited in Adobe Photoshop.

Writing. Susan B. Price

 Narration. Lucy. Edited in Sonic Foundry SoundForge.

Music. Composed with Sonic Foundry Acid, using royalty-free loops.

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Business Methods. Corporate sponsor. We loved working with Meg Joseph. She's nurtured this project (and us!) every inch of the way.

ESL Animal Scramble. It'll be a jungle out there!

Mental Health Association. Collaborative partner in the project. Wendy Baird (Marketing Director) and the parents from Better Days Ahead did a fantastic job of organizing children to contribute their art to the project

Sheila Peters. You've seen the bear -- now hear the artist.

Cosmopolitan Productions