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Keville Family — Town of Moyne, Civil Parish of Shrule,* County Mayo, Ireland

Thomas Keville (M. Bridget Carr) [1] [2 & per Kevin Geraghty email]

... James Keville (bp** 17 Jun 1832 [1]; m. Biddy Ryan)

Children — this list may be incomplete, since it is only from the Baptism database [1]

... ... Mary, bp. 1856

... ... Margaret, bp 1858

... ... John, bp. 1860

... ... Patrick, bp. 1861

... Patrick Keville (m. Mary Spellman)


... ... Thomas, bp. 22 Aug 1858

... ... John, bp. 19 Jan 1860. Another John (below) was listed among the baptismal records. The tombstone on the right could refer to the son of either James or Patrick.

... ... Biddy, bp. 22 Dec 1860. "Bridget Keville" is listed as a landholder in the 1901 Census, living with 4 others. (This might also be her aunt, James Keville's wife "Biddy," listed above.)

... ... Mary, bp. 7 Mar 1863

... ... Margaret "Maggie," bp. 12 Mar 1865. Emigrated to Chicago IL (then to St Louis MO), 1884. M. Moses Flanagan. D. 23 Jun 1903.

Seven children (Nellie, Catherine, Tom, Joe, Moses, Ethel, Loretta Julia)

... ... Delia, b. Dec 1865 [3]. Emigrated to Chicago IL. M. on 2 Jun 1887 to John Walsh, who died 2 Jun 1897 [5]).

Children: Mary b. abt 1894; d. abt 1921. Margaret b. abt 1896; d. abt 1921. Both died young.

1900 Census: 4708 Union. With daughters and 5 boarders. Widowed.

Patrick Keville... ... Pat, bp. 3 Mar 1867 (wide discrepancy in various sources, as late as 1877). Emigrated 1890 to Chicago IL. M. Delia W Lavin (b. Missouri abt 1880), prior to 1910. D. 22 Oct 1936.

Children: Mary (b. abt 1911; m. John Dowd); Delia (b. abt 1913; m. Tom Moran)

1900 Census: 4708 Union. Living with Delia Walsh and brother Charles in Chicago

1920 Census: 1957 Semple, St Louis MO. Working as laborer for city.

1930 Census: 5810 Page Blvd, St Louis MO. Working as a brick layer for a street paving company. Daughter Delia living at home working as a stenographer.

... ... John, bp. 24 Jun 1869 [a second son named John? See John, above.]

Keville tombstone... ... Charles, b. 15 May 1878 [3] (or 1875 according to his WWI registration card). Emigrated 1897.

1900 Census. Living with sister Delia Walsh, in Chicago.

... ... James, b. 1874 [3, 4]. M. Mary (d. 28 Jun 1932) D. 17 Feb 1957 [4]. Said to be the youngest, thought Charles birthdate listed as later. "James Keville" is listed as a landholder in the 1901 Census, living with 3 others. (Might refer to his uncle James, above.)

Children: Frank; John Joe (b. 1916, d. 17 Jun 2005); Peggy Kennedy (daughter Melissa Bohan, grandaughter Jacinta); Sr. Alphonsus, Sr. Clare; and [possibly] James (tombstone in Shrule Cemetery, below). [5]

The tombstone to the right adds in a few people I don't know how to fit in. Was Delia James' second wife?

Keville Shrule




From the Griffith's Valuation [6], about 1855:

At this time, the English survey found 52 parcels of land in the town of Moyne (within the civil parish of Shrule, County Mayo) — 880 acres of "rateble land." Most of the land was owned by Joseph Burke.

James and Patrick Keville operated two parcels (#3-27 acres; #4-29 acres), owned by Paul Ward and Joseph Burke. James is given the letter a, which means he's the "farmer" so I assume it means he is the older brother.

Their buildings were valued at less than £2 on each parcel, which probably meant they were the usual earthen structures with thatched roofs. They, in turn, rented out a cottage to Patrick Doherty, probably a laborer or "cottager" who helped them farm and had his own little patch of potatoes.

At the time of the 1901 census, (the same?) two parcels were operated by Bridget Keville and James Keville. Which Bridget and which James is the question... maybe irrelevant, probably one from the "James" line and one from the "Patrick" line.

Keville TonroeTonroe Connection

A marker between the two large Keville tombstones at Moyne says: "KEVILLE TONROE." Tonroe is in the civil parish of Kilkilvery, south of Shrule in County Galway, but there must have been a strong family connection to have put up what looks like a cross-reference to Tonroe.

Griffith's Valuation from the 1850s, page 42, lists James Kevill renting 62 acres of land from Arthur Guinness. Also in Tonroe is William Carr, who might be related to Bridget Carr, who married Thomas Keville (Maggie Keville's grandparents, above).

The 1901 Census [7] lists Julia Keville, age 70, as the head of household, with the occupation of farmer. This may be Julia Lynskey Keville (see below). She is living with Thomas Keville, age 27.


Some people have found this page searching for a Keville connected to a Lynskey. Maggie had a cousin Julia Keville, who lived in Chicago about the same time as Maggie. Julia's parents were Michael Keville and Julia Lynskey (see Tonroe Connection above). Several members of that branch of the family moved to New Zealand. [8]




*Shrule is in County Mayo near the Galway line.

**bp = baptism


[1] Shrule (Moyne) Baptism [bp] records, from These give child's name and parents (including mother's maiden name). Thomas and Bridget were listed as the parents of James.

[2] Tithe Applotment (1823-1838) — used for calculating how much was owed to the Church of Ireland.

[3] NOT listed in Shrule baptism records

[4] Moyne (Shrule parish) cemetery

[5] Kathleen Price research

[6] Poor Law Union of Ballinarobe, p. 162, 1854-56.

[7] from

[8] Rose Park research