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Zuzu & Zim, Series 1 (2008)

Zuzu & Zim, Mindmap (2008)

Zuzu & Zim, Continued (2009)

Dot & Dash, Series 1 (2011)

Intermezzo: Mary ("Tribe of the Breakaway Beads") (2011)

Dot & Dash, The New Series (2013)


You can view many of my little creations at Cosmorochester on Flickr, where they are available for re-use under a Creative Commons license (attribution required - no commercial use without further permission - share alike), unless otherwise specified.

Photoshop Tutorials

Animation Animation: Make an animated GIFof something flying across your background. Intermediate tutorial. Photoshop (4.30.08)

Black and WhiteBlack & White Stylized Photo. Use several threshold adjustment layers, with masking, to create a striking black and white version of a color photo. Intermediate Photoshop Tutorial. (7.20.07)

Color Photo Restoration. Rescue the "ruined" family Kodacolors in a couple easy steps, with some optional colorization. How sweet it is. Photoshop Tutorial (Updated 3/2009)

DIGITAL Rubber STAMPS: How to create virtual stamps in Photoshop, using custom brushes. Digital divas: compete with your rubber stamping friends! Photoshop. (8.23.05)

Mandala Kaleidoscope Logo. Create a cosmic mystical design from your favorite photograph in a few quick steps. (Photoshop Tutorial 7.18.06)

Old Paper Backgrounds. Use oldletters and documents to create interesting backgrounds for your web pages in Photoshop. (Tutorial 12.17.05)

Transparent GIFs: Solving the problem of those ugly white fringes. Photoshop. (12.3.05)