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4.27.04 Kerry Should Learn from the Bushies

From "Today's Papers" in Slate:

USA Today ... leads with Senator Kerry responding to criticism about apparent inconsistencies in what he says he did with war medals and ribbons...

Most of the papers front the harsh back-in-forth in the presidential race. While Kerry defended himself on the medals and ripped President Bush on his National Guard days (or lack of them), Vice Prez Cheney suggested that Kerry isn't fit for Air Force One, saying there are "ample grounds to doubt the judgment and the attitude he brings to bear on vital issues of national security." As the LAT headlines, the speech was pointed enough that the president of the college where Cheney gave it sent a campus-wide letter saying he was "surprised and disappointed."

I think Kerry has something to learn here. Maybe he is too thoughtful, too eager to explain his complex life. He needs to take the Bush approach to his younger self: "I have nothing to explain." And then Cheney brings on his fake gravitas to make pronouncements about Kerry's fitness for office. Kerry needs a few elder statesmen to do the head-shaking and tsk-tsking in the other direction.






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